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NINJA GAIDEN 3: Razor's Edge is a leaner, tighter, and more thrilling experience than the original game, improved in every way. Drastically reduced story sequences, streamlined game flow, and improved A.I. complement new features exclusive to the Wii U console. This is truly the sequel that NINJA GAIDEN fans have been waiting for.


The intense violence synonymous with the NINJA GAIDEN series has returned with a vengeance. Well placed attacks will once again result in the loss of legs, arms, heads, and torsos in a spectacular display of carnage. But watch out—limbless foes may make a last ditch effort to attack.

  • New playable

    Experience the intense action of NINJA GAIDEN in the shoes of these femme fatales that are all as beautiful as they are deadly.


    Has exclusive chapters in Story Mode, and available in Ninja Trials and
    Chapter Challenge modes.

    Meet Ayane


    Available to play in Ninja Trials and Chapter
    Challenge modes via
    downloadable patch.

    Meet Momiji


    Available to play in Ninja Trials and Chapter
    Challenge modes via
    downloadable patch.

    Meet Kasumi

  • New weapons & Ninpo

    Ryu's arsenal has been expanded to include six weapons and three Ninpo, each with unique effects and advantages in battle.

    See the weapons

  • Character progression

    Discover new ways to make Ryu even more formidable, using Karma points earned in battle. You'll be able to upgrade weapons and Ninpo, learn new moves, increase your life power, and more.

    Learn about gameplay

  • Improved Co-op Features

    Now you can step into the shoes of Ryu and Ayane in online* co-op play, in addition to the roster of basic ninja characters included in the original version of NINJA GAIDEN 3.

    Learn About multiplayer

New Battle Areas

The Test of Valor is a series of secret battle areas presenting intense new trials. Find the hidden Crystal Skull and you'll be transported to a new area, inundated with a barrage of enemies in this fierce test of survival skill.

Each Test of Valor culminates in a showdown with a boss from a previous NINJA GAIDEN game, equipped with new moves and patterns to challenge even the most seasoned player. Can you make it back in one piece?


A free patch delivers new costumes and tough new Ninja Trials to the game—arriving first on Wii U.

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